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Principal's Message

Dear Friends,

Quoting Aristotle who once said that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. I would like to say that the aim of education is or must be an integral formation of the students with the cultivation of virtues & genuine human values & not just limiting with some informations of knowledge, whereby they are formed to face the challenges ahead, especially in the fast changing life situations of the modern world.

To say that a locality is developed means, development in cultural, social, economic, political, educational & various other spheres. However, a holistic development occurs when quality education eradicates the vices, narrow-mindedness & irrational conceptions prevailing in the society & when it radiates the beams of broad-mindedness, constructive transformations & all- inclusiveness. Towards this goal, an educational institution that firmly stands for imparting quality education & values, holding firm & uncompromised the ‘fundamentals’ of its principles, has a significant & vital role to play. In one chorus, with affirmation, I am tempted to say the St. Francis School, Samlong, in this regard, has succeeded in contributing its best to the intellectual & moral developments of the locality, during its history of past 13 years! Life a skilful sculptor, carefully molding his creations. St. Francis School has been standing in the forefront, molding & rendering quality citizens of multifaceted potentials with clear vision, philosophy of life & aboue all, love and respect for the other, & continues to remain as the first choice of the locality when it comes to educating their wards.

Saint Francis School Samlong is a minority Institute conducted by the Society of the Franciscan Brothers. Saint Francis School was established in the year 2004. We cater to classes from Nursery to Std X and follow the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) syllabus. We have 100% results in the ICSE Board examinations.

The school is founded on the life & teachings of Jesus Christ, the master teacher who promulgated the values of love & service to humanity. The congregation of the Missionary Brothers of St. Francis of Assisi (CMSF), an international society of Religious Brothers was founded in 1901 in India by late Rev. Bro. Paulus Moritz of Germany. The Congregation conducts more then forty schools spread across twenty states, each of which aims to be centre of excellence

St. Francis school believes in a holistic approach to education with emphasis on aesthetic values for the all round development of a child. I find myself blessed and fortunate to be the principal of this prestigious edifice. I wish & pray that St. Francis School, Samlong may cross many more mile stones of achievements, success & educational contributions to the locality that has placed tremendous trust on it.

With all good wishes & prayerful greetings

Sr. Angelin CSC
St. Francis School, Samlong.

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