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  • The management reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without furnishing any reasons.
  • The application form for Registration/Admission shall be signed by parents or lawful guardians only.
  • The form should be accompanied by an authentic document containing the child’s date of birth. It should be from Corporation or Anchal Panchayat only. Affidavit or Hospital certificate will not be accepted.
  • Special attention must be paid while entering the name and date of birth of the child in the form, as subsequent chafes will not be permitted.
  • A student coming from other school should produce a T.C and the result card from the school last attended. Transfer certificate should be countersigned by the competent authority of the respective board.
  • The school reserves the right to admit the pupil to a class suited to hi/her level. Admission is finalized strictly on merit after screening/Interview/Interaction/tests as per the decision of the management and payment of the prescribed fee. A written test is conducted for the subjects like English, Hindi, Math’s and General Science to Judge the eligibility of the candidate.
  • For withdrawal of a student from the school, at least one calendar month’s notice must be given in writing otherwise a calendar month’s fee will be charged.
  • A student who fails for two consecutive years in the same class will have to (discontinue the studies in the school) leave the school.
  • The names of the pupils who remain absent for two weeks with-out leave application shall be struck off the rolls.
  • Once admission is taken the fees will not be refunded, even if the child is withdrawn.

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