Manager's Message

Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers, well wishers, students of St. Francis School.

St. Francis School is committed to offer the very best in every aspect of academic to give students sound footing in competitive world. St. Francis believes in setting for nothing less than total success and is willing to chase aspirations of students till the point of fulfillment. Our priority is to make out difference and translate them into tangible benefits for the student’s fraternity. Today the quality of education is continuously scaling new heights and the new bench marks are constantly set. Thus education having become a very competitive sector, excellence is the only thing that rules supreme here and St. Francis School is committed for the same. Thus we march forward gaining strength and knowledge from our daily experiences of life in imparting quality education and fostering character formation. Besides being value based, our education is career oriented , ensuring the all round development of the students and grooming them into conscious human being and good citizens, who will one day be agents of social justice and societal transformation in their work place and make a differences to the society.

At the outset of this occasion, I would like to convey our thanks and best wishes to our teachers and parents, who are associated with us in any manner to provide guidance in the matter because this task cannot be completed without their co-operation. They play integral part in shaping and polishing the skills of the students.

This website will give you in glimpse of the educational activities in the school

With regards

Manager – Br. George Anthirakulangra